Jesus is the Christmas Message

The Christmas Story Is One Of Hope

To consider what this means for the soul is a wise decision. We can say the name of God anytime, but Jesus, that is his name. Accept the gift of Christmas and rest in his forgiveness. Jesus became the perfect man on my behalf and your behalf. Jesus is the only one that was and is, and is to come, that is perfect, without sin. God was reconciling the world onto himself, not counting man's sin against him. Now be reconciled.

God's reconciliation means he is not counting your sins against you or my sins against me. Nothing separates us from God except our unbelief in him. That is why God asks us to be reconciled; believe in Jesus and rest in Jesus. We are all equal in his sight and I commit as much sins as the next man. But, in Jesus, we have forgiveness of sins. This is not something we get or ask for every time we sin. There is only one thing to do, start believing in Jesus, and receive the forgiveness that is in him and you will promptly receive everlasting life.

The message is loud and clear, that a child could understand it. Be a child this Christmas and receive Jesus today.

This is the good news story of Christmas.

Jim Wize

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